What Missouri Jurors Don’t Hear In A Personal Injury Case

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A real trial is nothing like a TV trial.

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I’m Spencer Farris, a board certified trial attorney in the state of Missouri, and I have tried numerous jury cases. In fact, if you represent injury victims, you have to try, or be ready to try, cases in front of a jury, but the case we try looks nothing like what happens on TV.

3 Years in 3 Days
The average jury trial takes two or three days, maybe a week, and in that time we have to cram in several years of suffering and anxiety and what you have gone through, so obviously we are going to leave a lot of things out.

Shh… Insurance
The word you are never going to hear in a jury trial is insurance, and that is misleading because the insurance company is in control of the entire situation! Missouri law requires us to sue the person who hurt you, and not their insurance company, but the insurance company pays for the lawyers, the insurance company will pay the verdict or settlement if there is one. The insurance company has all the control and yet we will never hear about them during a jury trial.

Jurors May Never Know
One of the things that I am always surprised by after is what the jury was curious about, and I had a jury ask me recently, “Did the defendant ever say he was sorry?” I can’t tell them, and they will never know until maybe after the trial. In fact, there are a lot of facts that the jury will wonder about that they will just have to fill in the blanks themselves because they won’t be told.

Who Pays the Bill?
People worry that if they sue a working man a verdict will break him, and they shouldn’t because if you are on the job when you cause an injury, your employer’s insurance company or your employer is going to pay the bill for what you did.

Who Pays the Attorney?
When I ask a jury for a verdict in favor of my client, I mention what my client has lost; the wages; the medical bills; the loss of use of their body and the pain and suffering, but I do not get to ask the jury to give my client back the attorney fee, and that is something that my client is going to have to pay from the verdict.

Hidden Facts
Really the last way that a jury trial is not like TV is there are a lot of hidden things that are kept from the jury. In fact, I tried a case in Moberly, Missouri once where I did not learn that the insurance adjuster had taken statements from witnesses until the day of trial, and of course those statements were not helpful to his client, and we won that case.

Our Promise
Remember that most injury cases settle, but the way to get the best settlement is to be prepared to go to trial, and not all cases go to trial. If yours does, you are going to want an experienced trial lawyer who knows the kind of questions that jurors ask, and knows how to present your case. If you have been hurt, and you have questions about your case or want to talk about what to look in for in a lawyer even if you are not in our area, call me, or contact us at the web address you see on the screen. I am happy to visit with you without cost or obligation.

The SE Farris Law Firm is dedicated to the needs of injury victims and their families.

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